Sunday evening – technique sessions

Tina is restarting her technique focused sessions in the second hour of our Sunday evening sessions at the Hewett pool. Tina will run a coached session 5pm to 6pm and swimmers can continue with a normal session 6pm to 7pm whilst Tina will run a technique session 6pm to 7pm (timetable below).  The sessions will go back to the basics and will consist of 25m and 50m practices (with the exception of the last pacing session). 

Swimmers can:

  • Choose which of the technique sessions they want to join, no commitments
  • Arrive at 5pm to attend the coached first hour and move to the technique session in the second hour
  • Arrive to join the technique session at 6pm
  • Arrive at 5pm to attend the coached first hour and continue with a standard session set by Tina in the second hour
  • Arrive at 6pm to join the second hour of the standard session

EAST Technique sessions 

Sunday 6.00pm – 7.00pm at the Hewett

To be run alongside the normal training session

Skills – Push and glide all strokes, streamline position, swim speeds, FC touch turns
10th AprilFC – Body positions, kick, breathing, timing
17th AprilFC – Arms, drills, body rotation
24th AprilFC – Tumble turns and finishes
BC – Body position, rotation, timing, kick set, 
BC – Arms, drills, finishes
15th MayBC – Tumble turns and starts
22nd MayDive session
29th MayBRST – Kick, timing, breathing
BRST – Arms, drills, finishes
12th JuneBRST – Starts and turns including underwater sequence
19th JuneFLY – Body position, undulation, timing
26th June FLY – Arms, drills, timing
FLY – Starts, turns and finishes
10th JulyDive session
17th JulyPacing practice (50m, 100m, 200m)