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Club Membership

For existing club members who are renewing for 2022 please see membership renewal



EAST is an affiliated club of Swim England (formerly the Amateur Swimming Association), which means that when you join EAST you will also be registered as a member of Swim England. The two basic categories of Swim England club membership are Category 1 which is the non-competing level of club membership, and Category 2 which allows you to enter swimming competitions held under Swim England rules.

EAST Membership Fees 2022

EAST annual membership cost for 2022 is £40.00 to which is added £14.50 for Swim England Category 1 registration and £34.50 for Swim England Category 2 registration. This means total EAST annual membership cost in 2022 is £54.50 Cat 1 or £74.50 Cat 2.

In addition to the membership fees, members must pay for coached swimming sessions, which can be done either by paying a regular monthly amount (standing order) or by purchasing swim credits using our online booking system, Swymmr.

The standing order options are either a monthly fee of £30.00 which entitles you to 2 coached sessions per week or £40.00 per month for all coached swims per week (see Training). The number of swims is counted from Sunday to Saturday without any carry over from the previous week.

Swim Credits cost £7.50 for each swim (with access to all sessions). Credits can be purchased using the Swymmr website via a secure card payment system. The credit system is only available to members who do not have a monthly subscription; they cannot be used to ‘top-up’ a subscription for additional sessions. Please speak to the membership secretary if you wish to use Swim Credits, so that your online account can be set up correctly. Swim Credits are limited to 12 sessions a year. If you wish to swim more than this, you are encouraged to take out a standing order (see above).

Some members join EAST while also belonging to a different swimming club. If they wish to regard EAST as their primary club, they pay the same membership fees as stated above of £54.50 for Swim England Category 1 membership or £74.50 for Swim England Category 2 membership. However, if EAST is their second club, so that the other club is paying their Swim England fees, their EAST membership only costs £40.00. ‘Other Club’ members have the same options of paying for coaching as ordinary members.

A final option available to all members or would-be members of EAST is belonging to the club without participating in regular training. The cost of membership in this instance is just the basic £40.00 membership fee. EAST has some members who are non-swimmers (or who were previously swimmers), and some that live and swim elsewhere but retain EAST membership so that they can occasionally swim under an EAST flag in competitions.

Instructions for Joining EAST

Applications to join EAST can be made by downloading the following form:

Completed application forms should be sent to Louise by email at All enquiries and questions about membership should be made to Louise who can advise about membership categories or paying, and send a standing order form if required.

Free Trial Swims

If you would like to try out swimming with our club before committing to membership, EAST offer two free trial swims to all potential new members. Please contact Louise for further details.

Welcome to EAST and enjoy your swimming

Louise Morca
Membership Secretary