Pool rules – Covid-19

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has meant that many of our regular swimming pools are operating with strict rules. The information below is for swimmers who attend sessions at these pools until further notice:


Key points before arriving

  • The only poolside equipment allowed currently are snorkels.  Please reduce the size of your swim bag by removing kickboards, pull buoys, paddles, and fins.
  • You will need poolside shoes in addition to your outdoor shoes
  • You are expected to only bring your poolside bag and a supermarket ‘bag for life’, or similar, to hold your clothes while bathing
  • There will be a one system in place on arrival / departure, do not enter / exit until instructed (enter via the north west fire exitleave via the south east fire exit)
  • You are expected to place a towel on the poolside floor on which to de-robe and place your belongings.
  • Changing rooms will be shut, the disabled toilet will be available but must be cleaned using the equipment provided after use
  • You should come to the pool with your swimsuit under your clothes. 
  • You will be expected to leave the building without getting dressed so bring an appropriate cover up

At the pool

  • Use Gate 4 off Hall Road (our usual entrance)
  • You cannot enter the building until our allotted time
  • Enter via the fire exit on the north west corner (the same side as the normal entrance)
  • Use hand sanitiser before entering
  • Remove outdoor shoes and put on your poolside shoes
  • Move to the furthest available square on the poolside and place down your floor towel
  • Place your outdoor shoes on the small wooden ledge on the wall behind your square
  • De-robe on your towel and place your clothes in your bag
  • Remain on your towel until the coach instructs otherwise
  • Use of the pool steps should be avoided where possible
  • Follow all instructions from the coach
  • Wait for the coach’s instructions before exiting the building following the exit route around the Curriculum Building and the gradual steps (will be marked)